Leading Boldly into the Future: What the World Needs Now | Dr. Richard Munang | Climate Action

The youth is our greatest untapped weapon to help solve the ongoing climate crisis. Leverage the youth and innovate. adapt, and transform. Dr. Richard Munang is empowering Africa’s youth to engage in ‘Innovative Volunteerism‘ and climate entrepreneurship to help mitigate the negative impacts of climate change while putting food on the table. Exciting times are […]

Leading Boldly into the Future | Peter Hain | Apartheid

  The BBC voted Nelson Mandela as ‘the leader of leaders’ of the 20th century. A global iconic figure because of his heroic struggle against South Africa’s apartheid systemic racism. Still, it was a global struggle to end apartheid, with brave, bold leaders the world over. At age 19, long before serving in the UK […]

Leading Boldly into the Future | Zeona Jacobs | DEI

  Can you imagine what it must have been like in South African corporate board rooms when apartheid was lifted and a new political order was in play? Diversity, inclusion, and equity didn’t just happen with a new constitution. Brave, and sometimes unwilling activists took bold steps to make it happen. Zeona Jacobs shares how […]

Leading Boldly into the Future | Ryan McManus | Sustainability

  In a world with finite resources, sustainability is critical for protecting and preserving our planet and natural resources. To achieve sustainable development, we must harmonize three pillars: economic growth, environmental protection, and social well-being. Corporations need to refocus on how they do business. Gone are the days when sustainability and ESG are just important […]

Leading Boldly into the Future | Frik Landman | Africa

What will it take so Africa can fulfill her true potential? Embark on a transformative journey with Anne Pratt on Leading Boldly into the Future as she welcomes Mr. Frik Landman, a distinguished figure from the southern tip of Africa. In this episode, Mr. Landman, a seasoned businessman and academic, passionately shares insights on why […]

LBF 49 | Religion

Religion is controversial. For a significant part of human history, religion has served to unify communities in a shared set of values and beliefs. But it has also been an instrument (an institution) that stirs conflict and division. In these polarizing times, religions are called to overcome division and press for collaborative unity. Today’s bold […]

LBF 48 | Save America

  Gen Z is a formidable force for change. United in their trauma, with an understanding beyond their years and the need for systemic change, they require and expect a ‘seat at the table.’ Any presidential candidate is wise to understand their core values, fears, and anger. Gen Z and Millenials make up a significant […]

LBF 47 | Resilience

  Nelson Mandela once famously said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” Prof. Shirley Zinn not only conquered her fear but also got back up repeatedly with Rugged Resilience and lasting impact and success. In this conversation, she shares her personal and professional story, a fatal car crash and […]

LBF 46 | Peaceful Elections

Hot politics makes it challenging to hold peaceful elections and witness the peaceful power transfer.  Globally, the challenge of protecting our democracies from ‘would-be’ autocrats and powers that seek to undermine our democracies leaves our democratic systems hanging in the balance. Patricia Luhanga and her team stepped in and stepped up to immense political pressure […]

LBF 45 | Money

  Ever experienced a money crisis? Money can move mountains. However, it is our relationship with money that determines how well we do on a sustainable basis and how much impact we make. There is a circular power to money. Doing well and doing good is a sustainable money model and moves mountains over time. For Ben Kodisang, […]

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