LBF 2 | Emerging Leaders

  When it comes to leadership, the world is always in need of leaders who can make a difference. With so much change happening around us, it’s critical for emerging leaders to be grounded in their values and ready to navigate whatever comes next. While there are many ways to develop leadership skills, it is […]

LBF 1 | Global Movement For Change

  We live in an unprecedented global time with threats that transcend national borders and where popular nationalism cannot survive. Now is the time to step up with radical new thinking and bold new actions. Anne Pratt invites you to join the Global Mandela Leadership Movement For Change because you are all called to lead. […]

Anne, Thank you so much for contributing to the iPain Living Magazine Winter Edition 2022. It is now on sale and the print versions been shipped out to all of our subscribers. This issue is awesome and part of that came from your submission! The cover story is on beating anxiety by Drummer Rich Redmond. This […]

July 13, 2021 Part poem and part workbook, A Son of the Nile by Teddy Warria captivates us with a rich tapestry of the Kenyan entrepreneur’s colourful life, says reviewer Anne Pratt. Read more

July 18, 2021 As we celebrate the anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, Africa and the world are at a crucial point. Anne Pratt examines the ways in which Mandela’s qualities of bold moral courage, elevated thinking and multiple intelligences can help us bring about positive transformation. Read more

iPain Living, June 2021 On Sunday, July 10, 2016, Anne Pratt set out to conquer the summit of Devil’s Peak, a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. She spent most of the climb in agony – from yet-to-be diagnosed ovarian cancer. She felt the pain at the outset yet never turned back, seeking a sense […]

University, February 10, 2020 A Film and a Conversation, part of a Panel Discussion led by Charlie Titus, Vice Chancellor, Athletics and Recreation, University of Massachusetts, Boston Click here to view the original invitation Vice Chancellor Charlie Titus, Donna Katzin, Tim Smith, Anne Pratt, Assoc Professor Jemardari Kamara, Professor Rita Kiki Edozie, Byron Rushing Picture […]

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