April 19, 2019 – January 13, 2020 Anne Pratt spent quality time over time, with Harvard Men’s Basketball Team at the kind invitation of the remarkable Coach Tommy Amaker. Coach has always said ‘I am more than a coach’, it is ‘bigger than basketball’, and Harvard is ‘more than a school’. Coach and the dedicated […]

November 13, 2019 Anne Pratt presented to Rhode Island Emerging Leaders program for the RIF in Rhode Island, USA on: ‘21st Century Leadership- the Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela Participant feedback included “I LOVED this session. It was thoughtful and engaging. Anne truly understands her craft.”

July 18, 2019 Invited by the Lorne Adrain who hosts an annual Salon inviting leaders from all public, private, academia, nonprofit sectors to engage in dialogue about current pressing issues, innovative ideas and opportunities for transformation. Lorne is the founder of Providence-based nonprofit Global fellows in Courage, connects leaders in retreat form to create ideas […]

January 23, 2019 Invited by the CEO Marty Sinnott, Anne presented and facilitated a Program Directors Team Members meeting on Leadership and Lessons from Nelson Mandela. “Our time spent with you was incredibly effective and supportive of our strategic plan and initiatives, adding context to some ideals shared and evaluate how they support or possibly […]

January 19, 2020 Anne Pratt presented at Old Cambridge Baptist Church led by Reverend Cody Sanders. The church founded in 1844, is a historic American Baptist Church at 400 Harvard Street. Reverend Cody Sanders and the congregation have a mutual commitment to issues of peace and justice. Faith is lived in action, and there is […]

 Sunday, December 2, 2018 The Faith & Life Forum explores matters of faith and public life. We explore the theme of “What Do We Owe the World?” through readings, discussion, interviews, and lectures. Anne Pratt presents and leads our discussion today.

June 27, 2018 Anne Pratt presents on “Empowerment, Accessibility, and Diversity in the World of Work: Women impacting global trends in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.” Click here to view the original invitation Click on image to view the event. Video courtesy of the Newport Chamber of Commerce.

March 1, 2018 “A New Paradigm of Leadership – Awaken Your Inner Mandela.” Many admire Nelson Mandela. We marvel at his courage, his ability to forgive, to see beyond discrimination and prejudice and to embrace diversity. We are uplifted by his service of humanity for a greater good. We all have an inner Mandela, join […]

Real Leaders, October 4, 2018 Anne Pratt is both fascinated and excited about the mysterious ingredients that make up a great leader. It began as a young child aged seven when her mother spent time with her at the Kwa-Zulu Natal Nqutu mission hospital run by two mission doctors near Durban, South Africa and culminated […]

SABLE Network, September 2018 Anne Pratt – founder of Memela Pratt & Associates, the premium executive search firm – won Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business & Government Award (Business Services Category) in 2015, and is one of the most deeply networked businesswomen in South Africa. Pratt told SABLE that she believes there is a […]

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