Your Call to Action: A Global Mandela Leadership Movement for Change

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Click on the button below to register. Join our movement and sign up to speak out and share your voice in our 'Leading Boldly into the Future' - featuring ‘Mandela Moments’ Video Podcast. Share your life and leadership transformation stories, your leadership edge, your insights, and untold ‘Mandela Moment’ - a time Mandela inspired, shaped or motivated you to exercise leadership with courage, excellence and impact.

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Click on the button below to pre-order the upcoming book: 'Mandela's Leadership Blueprint.' Develop a Mandela Mindset, 10 Multiple Intelligences, and Fortified Moral Courage to Heal Your Deep Divides. Book proceeds are donated, to the Nelson Mandela Foundation and a registered 501(c)3, to build this Global Mandela Leadership Movement for Change

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Click on the button below to book a speaking engagement virtually or in situ to present 'The Future of Leadership - Mandela's Leadership Blueprint,' to remind our generation, and to empower and inspire the next. We talk to aspiring leaders who can radically transform the way they think, act, and lead, to lead like a Modern Mandela today. Calling on Universities, Colleges, and Senior High Schools worldwide.

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