“I grew up in an anti-apartheid family in South Africa, with a purposeful, uncompromisingly principled, pioneering mother, who used her white privilege to teach and upskill to a new world class standard in Black medical education (then segregated), at King Edward Hospital. I experienced leadership excellence at age 7 in a rural mission hospital, Charles […]

“Discovering my “roots” and seven multi-cultures in my families of origin, feeling connected in diversity, helped me understand we share a more significant multicultural history than we realize – our shared humanity. Each of us has a connecting common thread. The story of ‘me’, the story of ‘we’, and the story of ‘now’. As we […]

My first Sunday Mass at age two attended with my two brothers, Alfred and Edmund (Eddie). We played outside in our meandering stream, rocked around in our dubious homemade boat, trudged through the mud, nature was our magical playground. I have an ambivalence recalling those early memories of me tied up to our ‘go to’ […]

“Despite significant losses in personal wealth, the duplicitous media exposure for daring to ‘blow the whistle on my fierce opponents who know (and knew) the uncomfortable and inconvenient truth, feeling fearful of safely seeing my family in a country that post-Mandela kidnaps, tortures, and murders ‘whistle-blowers’, and fighting an 18 cm ovarian cancerous tumor, I […]

“An authoritarian police state in an apartheid South Africa. was a ‘powerful proximity’ assault on my senses. The deep divides, English and Afrikaans, Black and White, Zulu and Xhosa, homeland chiefs and the politically dominant African National Congress (Mandela’s party), signaled unshakable loyalties. Meeting Mandela, and then being professionally tasked to place his own Nelson […]

“The breath-taking Table Mountain climb in Cape Town on July 3, 2016, 3,563 feet (1,086 meters) up into the clear blue sky, was a majestic feat. The physical jolt between the jagged rocks on the climb back down, physically ‘stirred’ my ‘silent killer’ 18 cm ovarian cancerous tumor. One week later, I climbed Devil’s Peak, a […]

In life and leadership we all need mentors, teachers, confidantes, allies and friends. Throughout my journey, climbing mountains in different spaces and places, in different geographies, are symbolic of my life’s journey – and always with more to climb. This is my personal time, at one with the beauty of nature and majestic creation, a […]

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