LBF 48 | Save America

  Gen Z is a formidable force for change. United in their trauma, with an understanding beyond their years and the need for systemic change, they require and expect a ‘seat at the table.’ Any presidential candidate is wise to understand their core values, fears, and anger. Gen Z and Millenials make up a significant […]

LBF 47 | Resilience

  Nelson Mandela once famously said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” Prof. Shirley Zinn not only conquered her fear but also got back up repeatedly with Rugged Resilience and lasting impact and success. In this conversation, she shares her personal and professional story, a fatal car crash and […]

LBF 46 | Peaceful Elections

Hot politics makes it challenging to hold peaceful elections and witness the peaceful power transfer.  Globally, the challenge of protecting our democracies from ‘would-be’ autocrats and powers that seek to undermine our democracies leaves our democratic systems hanging in the balance. Patricia Luhanga and her team stepped in and stepped up to immense political pressure […]

LBF 45 | Money

  Ever experienced a money crisis? Money can move mountains. However, it is our relationship with money that determines how well we do on a sustainable basis and how much impact we make. There is a circular power to money. Doing well and doing good is a sustainable money model and moves mountains over time. For Ben Kodisang, […]

LBF 44 | Super Cognitive Revolution

  Our world is at a tipping point. We face unprecedented and life-threatening challenges for humanity, from artificial intelligence to quantum computing, climate change, and the looming specter of nuclear war. How do we, as individuals and as a global community, confront this uncertain, perilous future? Luis Gallegos, a former Foreign Affairs Minister of Ecuador […]

LBF 43 | Governor Deval Patrick

  The United States of America was once the Global Gold Standard for Democracy. Why would today’s America not respond well to a message of Unity? As perplexing as it sounds, it is what we see today in America and globally. How do we fix this in the USA and worldwide? This question keeps Governor […]

LBF 42 | Reconciliation

  In a deeply polarized world, the quest for truth, reconciliation, and uniting humanity takes center stage. In this powerful episode, Anne Pratt engages in a heartfelt and authentic conversation with Dr. Victoria Mora, President of United World College U.S.A. and a member of the prestigious International Women’s Forum. The topic explores conflict resolution strategies […]

LBF 41 | Global Trailblazer

  Trailblazers have a pace and scale to their career trajectory that is sometimes intimidating yet possible. We welcome Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Director General of the World Trade Organization and the first woman and African to hold the position in the 75-year history of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the WTO. […]

LBF 40 | Education

  It takes a global village to change the world in a powerful way. Education is the single most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Coming from the rural village of Goma in the landlocked African country of Uganda, Rehmah Kasule used education to shape her own destiny as an entrepreneur, speaker, […]

LBF 39 | Leading With Dignity

  We may be different and unequal in positions of power, but we are all equal in dignity. Dignity consciousness, or what international expert on conflict resolution Dr. Donna Hicks calls “Mandela Consciousness,” ensures that nobody can take away your dignity. Dignity is your inherent value or worth; it is different to respect. You’re born […]

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