LBF 39 | Leading With Dignity

  We may be different and unequal in positions of power, but we are all equal in dignity. Dignity consciousness, or what international expert on conflict resolution Dr. Donna Hicks calls “Mandela Consciousness,” ensures that nobody can take away your dignity. Dignity is your inherent value or worth; it is different to respect. You’re born […]

LBF 38 | Gastric Cancer

It’s official. Anne Pratt has been diagnosed with stage 3 gastric cancer. She remains hopeful for the best possible outcome and a planned future of ‘possibility.’ As we say in Africa, ‘it takes a village.’ With divine intervention, she is surrounded by remarkable medical teams and personal cheerleaders. Scientists, researchers, and medical experts, who work […]

LBF 37 | Adaptive Leadership

  Most of us would have heard “adapt or die.” The past few years have shown us how true that saying rings, especially when exercising leadership. Why is adaptive leadership so critical in the world today? Joining Anne Pratt from Dubai is Mercy Atieno Odongo, a Harvard Kennedy School Edward Mason fellow and Obama Foundation, […]

LBF 36 | African Leadership University

  The African Leadership University has started a revolution in higher education. It’s much more than just another brick in the wall. It is transforming higher learning in Africa to produce its future leaders. It was named one of the Global Top 50 Most Innovative Companies for its work in 2019. To talk to us […]

LBF 35 | #DontChooseExtinction

  Planet Earth is on Red Alert, and there is no Planet B. If one thing can and will unify humanity and keeps us all awake at night, it is the climate emergency and its existential threat to the human species. #DontChooseExtinction is not just a compelling and catchy name for a climate action advertising […]

LBF 34 | Agriculture Corporations

  Africa is the perfect place to do well and to do good. Think about it. It’s an underestimated continent with 54 countries, 1.4 billion people, a treasure chest of investment opportunities and a market valued at more than $3.1 trillion US, and an estimated 430 million empty bellies (including 100 million facing acute food […]

LBF 33 | Modern Bulgaria

  At a young age, H.E. Nadezhda Neynsky was raised in former communist Bulgaria by free-thinking intellectual grandparents who inspired her to be part of ‘Building a Modern Bulgaria.’ This energized her to transition from poetry and literature to politics and the European Union Parliament. In this episode, she joins Anne Pratt to tell her inspiring […]

LBF 32 | American Schism

  The American Schism. The world is shocked as violence erupts and plays out in a deeply divided America. Americans are shocked, too—millions disengage and live in denial and despair. Nowadays, sharing different perspectives and opinions is difficult without evoking anger, high-level tensions, and often raging political division. Best-selling and award-winning author Seth David Radwell […]

LBF 31 | Growth Mindset

  How do we develop a growth mindset, one of teachability that says, “I make mistakes and grow,” one of adaptability that says, “I transform and change,” and one of possibility that says, “Yes, I can be more, do more, and achieve the impossible”? This is what we learn from the story of Yolanda Cuba, […]

LBF 30 | Refugee

  The growing refugee crisis looms large in a world of increasing chaos, crisis, and conflict.  Globally, around 3.5% of 8 billion people, about 280 million, desperately seek shelter, food, and safety.  These are unimaginable hardships for any refugee, from any land, at any time. Yet, no matter where we come from or what turbulence […]

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