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About Anne's Executive Coaching

Over the course of her professional career Anne has interviewed over 10,000 executives face-to-face to explore the essence of their leadership. She ran a top executive search firm in South Africa with International partnerships. She designed and executed one of the first qualitative research endeavors of its kind to probe the value of Women on Executive Boards, showing that gender diverse Boards are better Boards. She has coached many high profile Corporate Executives to excel beyond the expectations of the Boards she placed them on.
Anne will provide invaluable leadership insights for your Executive Team, and your Organization.

Client Testimonials

“You are not afraid to say what you think. You are neither selfish nor defensive: you open yourself to other people, share your insights and feelings with them.  This has encouraged many people to likewise open doors for you, invite you into their space and share insights with you. This is because you are a concerned person: the values you strive for are those relating to growth, eradication of disadvantage, non-racialism, and working together.”

Mr. Fred Phaswana

Chairman and Executive Board Member
of multiple International listed companies
(see Corporate Praise section for more details)

“It was great working with Anne and the team. They are unique in their understanding of Government and Cabinet processes viz-a-viz key state-owned entity leadership needs and requirements. There is the depth of relationship with high caliber potential leaders, advisory support, and an appropriate sense of urgency.”

Ms. Busi Mabuza

Airports Company of South Africa

“Anne Pratt has a substantial track record in the industry and has been rated by Japan Tobacco International as one of the most professional and top service level consultants in the world.”

Mr. G. Courvoisier

Former President: Human Resources
Japan Tobacco International, Geneva

“Understanding clients’ needs and deep appreciation of clients’ expectations and leadership requirements. Excellent Service. Keep up the good work.”

Mr. Andile Sangqu

Board Chairman
Iliad Africa

“The commitment, dedication, and leadership advisory feedback session after interviews and assessments, constant communication, briefing documentation, and preparation, are all exceptional”.
Mr. Makhup Nyama

Tiger Brands Limited

“I have an excellent relationship with Anne and the team. A clear understanding of the corporate brief, a thorough and committed leadership research and assessment process to ensure a successful outcome for the corporate and the individual…”

Ms. Maya Makanjee

Tiger Brands Limited and
Nelson Mandela Foundation

Anne's Unique Client Value Proposition

Executive coaching for leaders in this new world order requires a blend of unique competencies, character, track record, and experience. Anne Pratt has a unique combination to meet this moment, including:

  • A strategic business career within a world-respected multinational, a successful entrepreneur serving Cabinet Ministers in the South African government, and top Boardrooms in the private, public, and non-profit sectors
  • A pioneer of transformation and change leading her industry in Black Economic Empowerment and transformation while delivering world-class standards and best practice
  • A close relationship with the Nelson Mandela Foundation over decades
  • A twenty-year track record researching, profiling, assessing, with coaching support for top leaders in companies and organizations operating in South Africa, Africa, and internationally
  • Navigating technical and adaptive challenges personally, authentically, and professionally and applying these models and lessons in her leadership journey
  • An author of Mandela’s Leadership Blueprint, a thought leader who met Nelson Mandela and integrated the South African adaptive transformation with Harvard thought leadership
  • A Masters in Business education coupled with a post-graduate degree in Economics and Psychology to help clients unify and align a good head, a good heart, and purposeful soul – a formidable combination

Why do we need executive coaching?

Many factors are driving the explosive growth in coaching. According to the International Coaching Federation (“I.C.F.”), 86 percent of organizations saw a return on their coaching investment, and 96 percent of those coached said they would repeat the process. Coaching is a valuable strategic leadership support tool to tap into our hidden potential, stimulate our personal and leadership growth, and importantly, help executives navigate turbulence and complexity to meet current demands, challenges, threats, and opportunities.

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