Harvard Crimson Men’s Basketball, Harvard University

April 19, 2019 – January 13, 2020

Anne Pratt spent quality time over time, with Harvard Men’s Basketball Team at the kind invitation of the remarkable Coach Tommy Amaker. Coach has always said ‘I am more than a coach’, it is ‘bigger than basketball’, and Harvard is ‘more than a school’. Coach and the dedicated coaching team, strive to educate the team ‘on and off the court’. The team mission to TEACH. LEAD. SERVE. is evident in the way they train, they play, and they live.

Our fun time together in our varied leadership development dialogues and sessions, and at numerous exciting, competitive games, built a close proximity with the individual players and the coaching team alike. Personally being a basketball player, playing for my University, being a keen competitive sportswoman, and appreciating the power of sport to unify and change the hearts and minds of a nation, made this time with our Crimson team even more special. We built the learning off a solid base, and focused on Mandela’s leadership blueprint, the African concept of Ubuntu, and applied ways with different tools, to develop additional individual leadership capacity and ‘awaken their Mandela within’. Coach, the coaching team, and our committed Crimson players all do Mandela proud!

Photographs courtesy of Harvard Men’s Basketball, Harvard University, Nelson Mandela photograph courtesy of Real Leaders

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