My Story

How my journey began ...

“Discovering my “roots” and seven multi-cultures in my families of origin, feeling connected in diversity, helped me understand we share a more significant multicultural history than we realize – our shared humanity. Each of us has a connecting common thread. The story of ‘me’, the story of ‘we’, and the story of ‘now’. As we learn in Africa, it is our interconnected spirit of Ubuntu.” – Anne Pratt

“Our history and our story are crucial to know and to understand - our past is not past” - Anne Pratt

Mandela was already imprisoned at this time because he dared to lead. The year of my birth, the architect of ‘apartheid’ Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, enacted this systemic racism into draconian law. What ensued with relentless might, was a courageous fight fought by millions of ordinary South Africans, a battle for our freedom from oppression, and a struggle for a free and fair South Africa. We premised the conflict on ‘knowing’ we share a common humanity, and ‘an injury to one is an injury to all.’ Mealtimes in our concerned, conscious, and humble home were characterized by lively debates about the events of the day – at school, at home, at work, at play. I learned from a young age about the fight and plight of our people. We were part of it. The attractive alternative was a human connection of love and heightened hope with South Africans of all cultures, religions, backgrounds, and races. Our rich African cultural and spiritual heritage became a part of my daily living. ‘Umuntu, Ngamuntu, Ngabantu’ – ‘I Am Because We Are.’ – African Proverb

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