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About Anne's Leadership Development

Anne is passionate about developing and empowering young leaders to reach their full potential. She has a seasoned approach to entice and inspire young minds to look beyond the ordinary and strive for goals they might not have known they had until they met her.

Become a Team Player without losing your individuality and learn to pay it forward with insights about our shared humanity, with superb leadership coaching attested to by millennial peers.

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What Tomorrow's Leaders Say

Harvard University

April, 2019 to January, 2020

Leadership Development

“Since meeting Anne at the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative, she has been a tremendous resource, asset and friend to me and to the entire Harvard Men’s Basketball program. Anne met with our team on multiple occasions, conducting meaningful leadership and team-building seminars. Our players always come out of discussions with Anne with a new perspective and understanding of how to approach their relationships with one another — something that is crucial to our success as a team. Her positive outlook, authenticity and enthusiasm are contagious. We are lucky to count Anne as a supporter and friend of our team.”

H. Tommy Amaker

The Thomas G. Stemberg ’71 Family Endowed Coach
for Harvard Men’s Basketball

“I love Anne Pratt. I’ve been blessed to have gotten to build a great relationship with her, she has been a focal part of our team’s success. Her message with Nelson Mandela and the idea of Ubuntu really helped unify our team. It’s amazing how small the world is and what people Harvard connects you with, I’m glad to meet her!”

Noah Kirkwood

Harvard Basketball Team

Utah Valley University

December, 2021

Lecture: The Future of Leadership -
Mandela's Leadership Blueprint

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“The students’ reviews came in and agreed that you nailed it! It is obvious to me that you made a huge difference here at UVU. Thanks so much for the positive influence you had on our students. If you are ever feeling a bit down, read this, and you’re sure to feel better. I hope that our paths cross again.”

Tom Macdonald

Assistant Dean
Woodbury School of Business
Utah Valley University

“I rate Anne Pratt as five out of five. I don’t know if I have ever had anyone address me in this way before. I love that she found such comfort in hard times in remembering the weight that was carried on Mandela’s shoulders and how he persisted despite that. I would highly recommend Anne come back to address the University.”

Emily Hanson

UVU Student

“I’m just amazed by Anne. I have learned a lot from what she shared and also from her examples and her characteristics. She influences me a lot more than she thinks. I’m grateful for this class that I got a chance to meet and learn from her.”

Gaew Khaomuangoi

UVU Student

Child and Family Newport County

January, 2019

Leadership Development

Rhode Island Foundation

November, 2019

Leadership Development

Jamestown Salons

July, 2019

Leadership Dialogue

Harvard Memorial Church

December, 2018

Leadership Dialogue

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