The Global Mandela Leadership Movement for Change and My Personal Pledge

The Global Challenge

We live in a pivotal global moment, a twin moment of despair and hope.  We have a leadership crisis worldwide while facing the biggest existential human threat of all time – climate change. As Nelson Mandela did for South Africa and the world, you, too, can develop a radical new way to think, act, and ‘lead like Mandela today’ – leading boldly into the future.

The Opportunity

Join Our Global Mandela Leadership Movement for Change to transform the leadership crisis worldwide, to remind our generation, and empower and inspire the next. Co-founded with more than 80 committed courageous change-makers worldwide. 


What Unites and Ignites Us?

• Our Pain and Purpose: to transform the leadership crisis worldwide
• Our Golden Thread: our Untold’ Mandela Moment’- how Mandela shaped us today
• Our Common Glue: the wisdom that our human inter-connectedness (Ubuntu) will enable humanity to meet this moment, tackle the tough challenges, survive and     thrive.

Our Movement has 3 Major Components to Inspire and Empower

1. A Video Podcast with Global Change-Makers: Leading Boldly into the Future – featuring Untold ‘Mandela Moments’
2. An Upcoming Book: Mandela’s Leadership Blueprint (MLB) – the Future of Leadership
All book proceeds are donated partly to the Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) and a USA 501 c 3 to build the movement   
3. Higher Ed programs in Universities and Colleges worldwide to embed MLB in aspiring leaders, to empower and inspire 

Committed Co-founding Courageous Champions of Change Include:

Harvard President Larry Bacow, WTO DG Dr. Ngozi, former USA MA Governor Deval Patrick, the former VC of Cambridge University in the UK, UK Parliament member, Former Foreign Affairs Ministers of Bulgaria and Ecuador, UN Chief Creative Director, HBS Professor Bill George, former Chair and CEO Best Buy, and HBS Lecturer Hubert Joly, former Chair and CEO of Medtronic, HBS Bill George, Harvard GSE President-in-Residence Prof. Rosenberg, Harvard Law School Stephen Davis, the former SC Judge Mervyn King, a Kenyan diplomat; the Global CEO of GAVI who led COVAX, a Stanford Ass. Dean, the Global Ambassador for the American Jewish World Service, a Palestinian liberation fighter turned Peace Combatant, and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Global President of the United Church of Christ, VC, Deans, and Directors in top SA Business Schools, Captains of Industry in the USA, Europe, and across Africa, like Ann Cairns, Jo Pohl, Dr. Thokozile Lewanika Mpupuni, Sharmla Chetty, Yolanda Cuba, Nolitha Fakude, Dr. Douglas Mboweni, and Dr. Mary Okelo in Kenya. A senior High Peace Ambassador from the Mandela School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Harvard Kennedy School John Della Volpe, Presidents of Utah Valley University and United World College USA, Provost of the African Leadership University, former VC of the University of Johannesburg, and multiple more. 

Successes to Date

  • More than 80 thought leaders have already been interviewed and contributed worldwide
  • Multiple episodes LIVE and counting
  • Co-founders are opening doors to magnify the message and build the movement by reposting podcast posts on social media, arranging book pre-orders, creating international book launch platforms, and accessing Higher Ed Presidents, Deans, and Professors who resonate with our pain and purpose, our golden thread, and our common glue.
  • Additional Information:


As Mandela said, ‘It’s in Your Hands.” 

Nelson Mandela transformed himself, he changed a nation at war, and galvanized the world. Armed with Mandela’s Leadership Blueprint, you can use Mandela’s tools in your leadership toolbox to meet this pivotal global moment, transform the leadership crisis worldwide, and make this a lasting and better world for all.                South Africa and the world have done it before. YES, we can do it again! 

 Please REVIEW the short PLEDGE to SIGN UP and JOIN this Global Mandela Leadership Movement for Change. See the link below. 
Together We Can. Together We Will. 

My Personal Pledge to Join this Global Movement


  1. Explore new ways to transform me to be better, do better, and be my powerful best version.
  2. Consciously, ‘Wake up, Stand up, and Speak Out’ to exercise leadership excellence to make this world a lasting and better world for all. ‘It’s in my hands,’ and we are all called to lead.
  3. Create time to self-reflect and develop self-awareness to know ‘Who Am I,’ and ‘What Matters to Me?’
  4. Develop ‘bigger and better thinking’ – multiple intelligence types and related competencies that give me Mandela’s leadership tools in my transformation toolbox – to heighten hope, heal deep divides, and deliver sustainable impact.
  5. Actively seek ways to fortify my moral courage without fear or favor.
  6. Sharpen my skills to analyze, energize, mobilize, galvanize, and harmonize collective groups to tackle tough challenges and achieve common goals to help humanity survive and thrive.
  7. Take one bold step at a time, one bold step for me, yet together, a giant step for humanity.

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