My 'Greatness' Pledge


  1. Explore new ways to transform me to be better, do better, and be my best version of ‘greatness.’ 
  2. Consciously, ‘Wake up, Step up, and Speak Out’ to exercise leadership excellence to make this world a lasting and better world for all. ‘It’s in my hands,’ and we are all called to lead.
  3. Create time to self-reflect and develop self-awareness to know ‘Who Am I’ and What Matters to Me?
  4. Develop ‘bigger and better thinking’ – multiple intelligence types and competencies that give me Mandela’s leadership tools in my transformation toolbox – to heighten hope, heal deep divides, and deliver sustainable impact.
  5. Actively seek ways to fortify my moral courage without fear or favor.
  6. Sharpen my skills to analyze, energize, mobilize, galvanize, and harmonize collective groups to tackle tough challenges and deliver common goals to help humanity survive and thrive.
  7. Take one bold step at a time, one bold step for me, yet together, a giant step for humanity.

Together We Can. Together We Will.

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