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Video Podcast - "Leading Boldly into the Future" Launched September 2022

Welcome to Leading Boldly Into The Future, a videocast and podcast about taking hold of the present and inspiring upcoming generations. This is for Gen X, Y, and Z, who want to build a better tomorrow, a brighter future, and a better and lasting world for all. Are you anxious, angry, or perplexed? How do you feel about ‘this moment’ and your future?   

We’re living in a pivotal Global ‘Mandela Moment,’ a twin pillar moment of despair and hope. This is a global call to action to transform the leadership crisis worldwide and deliver ‘what the world needs now.’  A Radical New Way to Think, Act, and Lead: Leading Boldly into the Future.  Sign up, stand up, and share with your friends. Join our Global Mandela Leadership Movement for Change, co-created with my Harvard and Aspen friends and colleagues, Mercy Odongo and Teddy Warria, co-founded with more than 80 thought leaders, courageous champions of change, the compelling voices on this show. Anyone, Anywhere, and Anytime can exercise fortified moral courage and leadership excellence. So the real question is: “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?” YOU are the Future of Leadership. The world needs the best version of you to lead boldly too. Unlock the powerful leader in you, and let your journey begin. 

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