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Video Podcast - "Leading Boldly into the Future" Launched September 2022

Welcome to Leading Boldly Into The Future, a videocast and podcast about bold leadership to remind our generation and empower and inspire the next. Gen X, Y, and Z, who want to build a better tomorrow, a brighter future, and a lasting, and better world for all. Are you anxious, angry, or perplexed? How do you feel about your future?   

We live in a pivotal Global ‘Mandela Moment,’ a twin pillar moment of despair and hope. Sign up and join this global call to action to transform the leadership crisis worldwide. Unlock the prison of your mind, and fortify your moral courage, with a radical new way to Think, Act, and Lead: Leading Boldly into the Future.  Share with your friends and be part of this Global Mandela Leadership Movement for Change, co-founded with more than 100 thought leaders, courageous champions of change, and the compelling voices on this show. “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?” 

Unlock the best version of you. The world needs you to lead boldly too. You are the Future of Leadership!

Blog Episodes

Leading Boldly into the Future: What the World Needs Now | Rebecca Henderson | Big Business

“Corporate Chiefs Leverage Big Business Power to Help Save Our World” with Harvard Professor Rebecca Henderson in the USA

Leading Boldly into the Future: What the World Needs Now | Jonathan Foster-Pedley | Tragic Optimism

“Tragic Optimism” with Dean and Director Jon Foster-Pedley in South Africa

Leading Boldly into the Future: What the World Needs Now | Dr. Modupe Taylor-Pearce | Self Discipline

“A West Point Military Academy Cadet” with Dr. Modupe Taylor-Pearce in Sierra Leone

Leading Boldly into the Future: What the World Needs Now | Janis Kearney | Power Of Story

“From A Cotton Field of Dreams to the White House” with Janis Kearney in the USA

Leading Boldly into the Future | Ambassador Nozipho January-Bardill | Nelson Mandela University

“The Nelson Mandela University” with Amb. Nozipho January-Bardill in South Africa

Leading Boldly into the Future: What the World Needs Now | Dr. Richard Munang | Climate Action

“A World On Climate Red Alert” with Dr. Richard Munang in Kenya, Africa

Leading Boldly into the Future | Peter Hain | Apartheid

“Apartheid’s Public Enemy No. 1” with UK Parliament’s Lord Peter Hain

Leading Boldly into the Future | Zeona Jacobs | DEI

“DEI – Adapt, Transform, or a Rigged Monopoly?” with former JSE Director Zeona Jacobs in Switzerland

Leading Boldly into the Future | Ryan McManus | Sustainability

“ESG: How to Sustain Sustainability” with Board Director, Tech Entrepreneur, and Investor Mr. Ryan McManus in the USA

Leading Boldly into the Future | Frik Landman | Africa

“Africa is Too Rich to Be Poor” with Leading Businessman and Academic Mr. Frik Landman in South Africa

LBF 49 | Religion

Religion, Peace, and Justice: ‘I Hear Your Cry’ – with recent UCC Global President Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer in the USA

LBF 48 | Save America

“The FIGHT To Save America” with John Della Volpe in the USA

LBF 47 | Resilience

‘Swimming Upstream and Rugged Resilience” with Prof. Shirley Zinn in South Africa

LBF 46 | Peaceful Elections

“HOT Politics and Peaceful Elections” with Patricia Luhanga in Zambia

LBF 45 | Money

“Money, Crisis, Success, Corporations, and You” with South Africa’s Ben Kodisang

LBF 44 | Super Cognitive Revolution

“I said ‘No’ to the President and Got Decorated” with Ecuador’s Former Foreign Affairs Minister H.E. Luis Gallegos

LBF 43 | Governor Deval Patrick

“USA Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s Leadership Way”

LBF 42 | Reconciliation

“Courageously Call People In, Not Out” to Heal Conflictual Divides with United World College (UWC) USA President Dr. Victoria Mora

LBF 41 | Global Trailblazer

“A Global Trailblazer” with the World Trade Organization (WTO) Director General Dr. Ngozi in Switzerland

LBF 40 | Education

“Weaponizing Education to Change the World” with Rehmah Kasule in Uganda

LBF 39 | Leading With Dignity

“Leading with Dignity” with Harvard’s Dr. Donna Hicks in the USA

LBF 38 | Gastric Cancer

“Stage 3 Gastric Cancer – Going for Cure” Special Message from Anne Pratt in the USA

LBF 37 | Adaptive Leadership

“Adaptive Leadership” with Harvard Kennedy School Fellow Mercy Atieno Odongo in Dubai

LBF 36 | African Leadership University

“African Leadership University (ALU) Ranked in Global Top 50 Most Innovative Companies” with Provost Dr. Nhlanhla Thwala

LBF 35 | #DontChooseExtinction

“Don’t Choose Extinction” with United Nations Boaz Paldi in the USA

LBF 34 | Agriculture Corporations

“Africa’s Food Glorious Food” with Amandla Ooko-Ombaka in Kenya

LBF 33 | Modern Bulgaria

“A Builder of Modern Bulgaria” with former Foreign Affairs Minister H.E. Nadezhda Neynsky

LBF 32 | American Schism

“The American Schism” with Best-Selling Author Seth Radwell in the USA

LBF 31 | Growth Mindset

“Growing Up I Wanted to be White” with MTN Group Exec. Yolanda Cuba in South Africa

LBF 30 | Refugee

“A Refugee is a Refugee” with Dean Dr. Maja (Maya) Zelihic in the USA

LBF 29 | Leadership Moment

“A Carjacking Leadership Moment” with H.E. Prof. Dr. Edgars in South Africa

LBF 28 | Power And Leadership

USA Harvard President Larry Bacow – “When Power and Leadership Intersect”

LBF 27 | Leadership Confidence

“A Shoemaker’s Daughter” – A Global Corporate Exec. and Board Chair in the UK, Ann Cairns

LBF 26 | Diversity Equity And Inclusion

“DEI+B? Belonging – Beat the Odds” with Faith Khanyile in South Africa

LBF 25 | Purpose Led Corporations

“NYSE Biz Case for Purpose-Led Corporations” with USA Hubert Joly

LBF S1 24 | RARE Leadership

“Success, Sustainability, and Greed” with Prof. Dr. Hellicy Ng’ambi in Zambia

LBF 23 | Brain Science

“Brain Science: Wired for Success” with Dr. Srini Pillay in the USA

LBF 22 | Shareholder Value

“Rethink Shareholder Value” with Thierry Pimi in South Africa

“‘Redefine the Leadership Playbook” with Sharmla Chetty in the UK

LBF 20 | Dare To Dream

“Dare to Dream” with UVU President Dr. Astrid Tuminez in the USA

LBF 19 | Back to Your Village

“Go Back to Your Village” with Dr. Douglas Mboweni in Zimbabwe

LBF 18 | 21st Century Higher Ed

“21st Century Higher Ed” with USA Harvard GSE President In Residence – Prof. Brian Rosenberg

LBF 17 | Boardroom Dancing

“Boardroom Dancing” with Nolitha Fakude in South Africa

LBF 16 | Big Impact

“Big Business Makes Big Impact” with USA Sneha Shah

LBF 15 | Palestinian Freedom Fighter

“Planting Olive Trees to Co-Exist in the Holy Land” with Sulaiman (Souli) Khatib in Palestine

LBF 14 | Education For Every Child

“A Stanford University Education for Every Child” with Dr. Paul Kim in the USA

LBF 13 | Pain To Purpose

“From Pain to Noble Purpose” with Dr. Thabo Ncube in Canada

LBF 12 | Capitalism Reimagined

“Capitalism Reimagined” with South African Former Supreme Court Judge Mervyn King

LBF 11 | Public Sector Leadership

“The Perils of Public Sector Leadership” with Tryphosa Ramano in South Africa

LBF 10 | Brooklyn Bridge

“Under A Bronx Bridge” with USA Ruth Messinger

LBF 9 | Angry Deep Divides

“Heal the Angry Deep Divides” with Professor (former Public Protector) Thuli Madonsela in South Africa

LBF 8 | The Next Global Disaster

“Leadership Beyond The Pandemic” with Dr. Seth Berkley in Switzerland

LBF 7 | Higher Education Reform

“Higher Education Reform is Key to Educating and Developing Future Leaders” with South African UJ Deputy Vice-Chancellor Saurabh Sinha

LBF 6 | Social Impact Initiatives

“The Value Of Social Impact Initiatives & Why Doing Good is Good for Business” with Bill Roedy

LBF 5 | Global Boardroom

“Creating Social Impact From The Village to The Global Boardroom” with South African Nyimpini Mabunda

LBF 4 | Technical Leadership

“A Journey In Technical Leadership” with Lord Alec Broers in the USA

LBF 3 | Global Leadership

Kenya’s Dr. Mary Okelo On “Global Leadership and How Mandela Changed Everything”

LBF 2 | Emerging Leaders

“Authentic Leadership For Emerging Leaders” with Harvard Business School Professor Bill George

LBF 1 | Global Movement For Change

“Leading Boldly Into The Future” with Host Anne Pratt

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