LBF 39 | Leading With Dignity

  We may be different and unequal in positions of power, but we are all equal in dignity. Dignity consciousness, or what international expert on conflict resolution Dr. Donna Hicks calls “Mandela Consciousness,” ensures that nobody can take away your dignity. Dignity is your inherent value or worth; it is different to respect. You’re born […]

LBF 31 | Growth Mindset

  How do we develop a growth mindset, one of teachability that says, “I make mistakes and grow,” one of adaptability that says, “I transform and change,” and one of possibility that says, “Yes, I can be more, do more, and achieve the impossible”? This is what we learn from the story of Yolanda Cuba, […]

LBF 29 | Leadership Moment

What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of a violent carjacking event? This experience is often traumatic, life-threatening, and life-altering. It shifts one’s identity. One has choices – to react or to respond. This episode’s guest traumatic carjacking incident on April 11th became a defining leadership moment. Host Anne Pratt is […]

LBF 28 | Power And Leadership

When power and leadership intersect, institutions can and do undergo systemic change. People in high positions of power are uniquely positioned to exercise leadership, especially in leading institutions like Harvard University. Not all people in power do. When they do, like the 29th President of Harvard University, Lawrence Bacow, they disrupt higher education systems for […]

We are in a pivotal global moment – a world of crisis, chaos, and conflict. A worldwide pandemic with countless loss of lives and livelihoods, a world teetering on the edge of a third world war, and a world on fire. Humanity faces the biggest existential threats of all time as a species. There is […]

LBF 19 | Back to Your Village

  It is the circle of life! Today’s episode centers on why leaders need to reconnect with their roots and return to their village, the village that raised them and helped them become who they are today.  Rethink how we pay it forward in business and our village. Dr. Douglas Mboweni, the Group Chief Executive […]

LBF 18 | 21st Century Higher Ed

How Should Harvard transform Higher Ed to meet the 21st Century? Anne Pratt sits with Prof. Brian Rosenberg to discuss how he is developing leaders for the world today as he brings higher education into the 21st century. He shares with us his journey in the world of a liberal arts college, the strategic challenges […]

LBF 17 | Boardroom Dancing

  Do you want to dance? Boardroom dancing is for any corporate activist who cares about transformation and giving diverse stakeholders a seat at the table. In this age, ‘it is easy (necessary) to be a corporate  activist.’ You, too, can be a powerful corporate chief who overcomes the resistance, the age-old roadblocks, and dance […]

LBF 16 | Big Impact

Global Justice Now reveals that around 78.5% (157 of 200) of the biggest economic entities worldwide are big business corporations. Larger than most governments and bigger than the majority of economies. Big businesses can and do make a big impact on nations, societies, and the world. There are good and bad actors in every sector. […]

LBF 14 | Education For Every Child

  Growing up during a brutal dictatorship era in South Korea, Dr. Paul Kim, Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean of Stanford School of Education, learned early on that you can’t fight violence with violence. Instead, he believed that education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world and promote peace, […]

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