LBF 5 | Global Boardroom

  Take Charge and act as your (own) CEO to forge your chosen path and drive innovation and excellent results in your life and business. Many potential leaders lack the self-belief and toolkit to begin their journey to the top. Tune in as Anne Pratt sits down for a conversation with the CEO of GE […]

LBF 4 | Technical Leadership

  You don’t often see an engineer or technical-minded academic in the halls of power. Often, a technical approach doesn’t translate well to politics, but there have been exceptions that have graced the world of leadership. In this episode, we talk to one of these exceptional people as Anne Pratt interviews engineer, scholar and former […]

LBF 2 | Emerging Leaders

  When it comes to leadership, the world is always in need of leaders who can make a difference. With so much change happening around us, it’s critical for emerging leaders to be grounded in their values and ready to navigate whatever comes next. While there are many ways to develop leadership skills, it is […]

LBF 1 | Global Movement For Change

  We live in an unprecedented global time with threats that transcend national borders and where popular nationalism cannot survive. Now is the time to step up with radical new thinking and bold new actions. Anne Pratt invites you to join the Global Mandela Leadership Movement For Change because you are all called to lead. […]

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