Leading Boldly into the Future: What the World Needs Now | Jonathan Foster-Pedley | Tragic Optimism

  It is easy to lose hope and faith in humanity in a world of crisis, chaos, and conflict.  However, as leaders, we should be the first to model optimism to inspire others, regardless of the uncertainty, tragedy, or adversity. In this episode of Leading Boldly into the Future, Anne Pratt is joined by Jon […]

LBF 39 | Leading With Dignity

  We may be different and unequal in positions of power, but we are all equal in dignity. Dignity consciousness, or what international expert on conflict resolution Dr. Donna Hicks calls “Mandela Consciousness,” ensures that nobody can take away your dignity. Dignity is your inherent value or worth; it is different to respect. You’re born […]

LBF 38 | Gastric Cancer

It’s official. Anne Pratt has been diagnosed with stage 3 gastric cancer. She remains hopeful for the best possible outcome and a planned future of ‘possibility.’ As we say in Africa, ‘it takes a village.’ With divine intervention, she is surrounded by remarkable medical teams and personal cheerleaders. Scientists, researchers, and medical experts, who work […]

LBF 37 | Adaptive Leadership

  Most of us would have heard “adapt or die.” The past few years have shown us how true that saying rings, especially when exercising leadership. Why is adaptive leadership so critical in the world today? Joining Anne Pratt from Dubai is Mercy Atieno Odongo, a Harvard Kennedy School Edward Mason fellow and Obama Foundation, […]

LBF 16 | Big Impact

  Global Justice Now reveals that around 78.5% (157 of 200) of the biggest economic entities worldwide are big business corporations. Larger than most governments and bigger than the majority of economies. Big businesses can and do make a big impact on nations, societies, and the world. There are good and bad actors in every […]

LBF 15 | Palestinian Freedom Fighter

  Violence fuels more violence.  The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s most enduring conflicts, beginning in the mid-20th century in 1948. Multiple efforts to resolve the conflict as part of the Israeli–Palestinian peace process, alongside other efforts to resolve the broader Arab–Israeli conflict, are in work-in-progress. There is a radically different and better […]

LBF 13 | Pain To Purpose

  Many of us look up to our parents, who are often our anchors, protectors, and guiding North Star. We do not contemplate losing them – which can be devastating and emotionally crippling. Dr. Nothabo (Thabo) Ncube lost her mother at the young age of fourteen. Amidst the shock, pain, and loss at her mother’s […]

LBF 10 | Brooklyn Bridge

  Exercising leadership to drive systemic change is a long-term game. It requires a deep understanding of how things work on the ground and how the people themselves perceive the issues that you, the leader, must decide. Ruth Messinger learned this in a teachable moment under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City in the […]

LBF 9 | Angry Deep Divides

  History bears proof of the multiple wrongs done in this world, but that doesn’t mean reconciliation, peace, and hope are impossible. Joining us today with lessons and insights on healing the angry deep divides in our society is Professor Thuli Madonsela. She is a law professor occupying the Law Trust Research Chair in Social […]

LBF 4 | Technical Leadership

  You don’t often see an engineer or technical-minded academic in the halls of power. Often, a technical approach doesn’t translate well to politics, but there have been exceptions that have graced the world of leadership. In this episode, we talk to one of these exceptional people as Anne Pratt interviews engineer, scholar and former […]

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