Leading Boldly into the Future | Ambassador Nozipho January-Bardill | Nelson Mandela University

  The Nelson Mandela University in South Africa is the only university worldwide that has Mandela’s name. Chair of Council, Amb. Nozipho January-Bardill shares its unique positioning and its’ 2030 vision and unpacks Mandela, the myth, the man, and the concept. She is also one of the first high-profile board members of the Nelson Mandela […]

Leading Boldly into the Future | Peter Hain | Apartheid

  The BBC voted Nelson Mandela as ‘the leader of leaders’ of the 20th century. A global iconic figure because of his heroic struggle against South Africa’s apartheid systemic racism. Still, it was a global struggle to end apartheid, with brave, bold leaders the world over. At age 19, long before serving in the UK […]

LBF 22 | Shareholder Value

  Capitalism has created many positive things for humanity, but some may say it is also the source of many worldwide ills. Will capitalism in its current form be a catalyst for positive change? Or will it continue to wreak havoc on the planet and disadvantaged communities? Is it time to rethink capitalism and shift […]

LBF 16 | Big Impact

  Global Justice Now reveals that around 78.5% (157 of 200) of the biggest economic entities worldwide are big business corporations. Larger than most governments and bigger than the majority of economies. Big businesses can and do make a big impact on nations, societies, and the world. There are good and bad actors in every […]

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