Leading Boldly into the Future | Ryan McManus | Sustainability

  In a world with finite resources, sustainability is critical for protecting and preserving our planet and natural resources. To achieve sustainable development, we must harmonize three pillars: economic growth, environmental protection, and social well-being. Corporations need to refocus on how they do business. Gone are the days when sustainability and ESG are just important […]

LBF S1 24 | RARE Leadership

  So rich and yet so poor. Africa is a resource-rich continent in terms of natural and human resources. But why is a significant percentage of its population so poor? What went wrong? What is the missing link? We tackle this hefty topic in this episode with Prof. Dr. Hellicy Ng’ambi of Zambia. An academic […]

LBF 12 | Capitalism Reimagined

  The current model of capitalism does not work – or at least not for most people. Shareholder value is yesterday’s idea. We need to re-imagine capitalism, the role of business, and the conscience of Directors and the CEO. In this episode, we are honored to hear insights from former South Africa Supreme Court Judge […]

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